Travel Regulation

A comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements is crucial to operating a business in the travel sector.

“The group is renowned for its commercial skills in the handling of contracts, transactions and regulatory issues for a range of clients across the industry.”
Chambers UK A Client’s Guide to the UK Legal Profession*

We provide specialist advice, assistance and representation in all areas including:

  • CAA requirements and powers
    • ATOL Regulations, Standard Terms and Guidance Notes
    • when is it necessary to hold an ATOL
    • selling as agent of an ATOL holder
    • requirements for ATOL holders and agents
    • ATOL to ATOL sales
    • ATOL holder failure and the protection afforded by the Air Travel Trust
    • suspension and revocation of an ATOL
    • Information Commissioners’ Office
    • Data Protection Act 2018
    • UK General Data Protection Regulation – UK GDPR
    • Electronic Marketing
  • Competition and Markets Authority powers and enquiries
    • Consumer Rights Act 2015 inc unfair contract terms
    • Competition Act 1998 – anti-competitive behaviour and agreements
    • Enterprise Act 2002 – enforcement of consumer law
    • Control of Misleading Advertisements Regulations 1988
  • Advertising Standards Authority
    • CAP Code
    • ASA investigations
  • Trade body membership and financial security requirements
    • ABTA Code of Conduct and Code of Conduct Committee referrals
    • ABTA financial protection rules
    • trust accounts
    • bonding

For further advice, please contact:

Claire Ingleby

Becky Cackett

Practice areas

Practice Areas

Specialising purely in the travel industry, we focus on the legal and regulatory areas which impact on our clients the most. We enable them to achieve sensible, commercial and just outcomes across all areas of our specialist practice.
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About mb LAW

We act solely for the travel industry and have done since 1986. We represent a wide range of businesses operating in this dynamic sector.
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Through many years of work with a wide range of travel businesses, their professional partners and their insurers, we have acquired essential travel sector knowledge and awareness to deliver expertise and support to all of our clients. Our experienced team of highly capable lawyers enable our travel industry clients to resolve all of the legal challenges facing their business.
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