Package Travel Regulations

Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018

The Package Travel Regulations of 2018 dictate what the organiser of a package holiday or linked travel arrangement can and cannot do. The following are some of the key elements of the 2018 Regulations;

• Applies to ‘packages’ and ‘linked travel arrangements’ or LTAs
• Definition of a package is now so broad that most combinations of arrangements are a package
• Significantly more prescriptive and restrictive regime in comparison to the 1992 Package Travel Regulations
• Extensive prescribed pre-contract information and information must be included in the holiday confirmation
• Right for the traveller to transfer their holiday to someone else on short notice
• Restrictions on post contract price increases
• Restrictions on other post contract changes
• Restrictions on cancellation charges including the obligation to take account of the possibility of resale
• Right to terminate in the event of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances with a full refund
• Extensive and specific rights for the traveller in the event of a ‘lack of conformity’ between the contracted services and what’s actually provided
• Limited rights to limit or exclude liability
• Obligation to provide appropriate assistance to a traveller in difficulty
• Extended financial protection in the event of insolvency for packages and LTAs

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